// Agitations..//

I thought about tweeting again, but I’ve been Twitter MIA for a couple weeks and the thought of facing the feed again right now seems daunting.  Too much to read!  And I know that I can’t stop myself from reading it ALL (or reading until my eyes get tired), because I’m an addict.  One taste, and I’m back in!

So, I’ve decided to take to my blog and write up a little list of the things that are annoying me this week.  I’m not complaining or criticizing, in fact, I’m so happy these things exist, otherwise this life would just be *too* perfect, right?

*Please don’t yell at me if you love these things.. or if you’re a culprit.. I still love you. Promise.  (At least I still love you *most* of the time..haha) :)

- Okay - WHEN do people STOP constantly talking about frickin’ Coachella?!  Guys - you started posting a YEAR ago when you bought the tickets, which happened only a few short days after you left last year’s show, then 800 people update their Facebook status with EVERY SINGLE possible line-up change and rumour, then the inevitable countdown as the date got closer, followed by the CONSTANT updates while you were there (why are you Facebooking, Instagramming, Tweeting, Tumbling..when you’re supposed to be super high and having a crazy time?  Also, I should point out.. any friends that CARE about Coachella.. are already there with you, or couldn’t afford a ticket and now probably think you’re obnoxious), then.. just when I thought it was FINALLY over, all I see are updates with photos from Coachella (fine), statuses about how much you “miss Coachella already”, grainy YouTube videos of the performances and rumours about next year’s line up.  Guys.. seriously.  Can we please get a week or two off?  I’ve never been.. so maybe it actually is the most amazing possible thing any human being could EVER do for $400 (or whatever it costs), but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s really, really NOT.  Please.. for the love of god.

- Remember that time you walked into a store and tried on a pair of kitten heels and thought “Oh my god, these look adorable!  And they make my legs look GREAT!”?  No.. no you don’t.  Because it’s never, ever, ever.. EVER.. happened.  Put them down and spend the 50 bucks on some cute flats if you can’t commit to a stiletto.

- No, I have never seen and have no desire to see or read “Harry Potter”.. will people ever stop asking?!

- If I let you pass in traffic, or let you out, or do something remotely nice for you and you don’t wave.. I hope the next place you walk into (the office, a bar, a church..) someone punches you straight in the face. :)

- Lastly, if you ask someone a huge favour, and you don’t say “please” or “thank you”, and they don’t say “yes” to your request and then you expect the favour anyway, you deserve to be stomped on top of JUST like you would an ACTUAL doormat, because that’s clearly what you’re looking for and not a human being. :)

Ahhhh it felt good to get those out there.  Thanks, Tumbler! ;)